NES (N. Belmokh, M. Saglio, D. Gadea)

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  • ACTxACT98652 xNx
  • Wytwórnia: ACT
  • Nośnik: : 1xCD
  • Dostępność: Jest
  • szt.
  • 62,00 zł



„Neue, wunderbare Musik und eine Stimme, die mitten ins Herz zielt. Hitverdächtig!“
„New, wonderful music and a voice, that gets straight to your heart. A potential hit!“
- Arte Metropolis

This made a great initial impact. „Ahlam“ entered the Amazon jazz charts on #8 in Germany and #36 in France. On itunes DE it went to #2!

These may not be large numbers but it’s a clear idicator that the band and the music, once they reach the listener, have an immediate effect