A. Lebaron, New Music Consort, The Theater Chamber Players Of Kennedy Center

Anne Lebaron: The Musical Railism Of
cena: 60,00 zł
Do koszyka

Arditti Quartet, William Albright, Thomas Buckner, Janet Pape, Prism Orchestra, Ann Arbor Chamber Orchestra

Gerard Pape: Vortex, Tombeau, Sorrow Of The Moon, Cerberus, Catachresis, 3 Faces Of Death
cena: 60,00 zł

Bernadette Speach

Bernadette Speach: Without Borders ­ Chamber & Solo Works Performed By Bowery Ensemble, Jan Williams, Michael Pugliese, Anthony De Mare ...
cena: 60,00 zł

China National Symphony Orchestra With Soloists / An Ann Hu Film

Music By Lida Zhang, Shadow Magic - Sound Track
cena: 60,00 zł

Emanuel Dimas De Melo Pimenta

Emanuel Dimas De Melo Pimenta: Digital Music
cena: 60,00 zł

Ensemble Recherche

Walter Zimmermann: Schatten Der Ideen
cena: 60,00 zł

Irvine Arditti - Violin

John Cage Vol. 9: Complete Music For Violin, Disc 2; Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4
cena: 60,00 zł

Janice Giteck

Janice Giteck: Breathing Songs From A Turning Sky - Thunder Like A White Bear Dancing - Callin' Home Coyote ­ John Duykers, Andy Narrell / N...
cena: 60,00 zł

Joe McPhee & John Heward

Voices: 10 Improvisations
cena: 60,00 zł

Margaret Leng Tan

Sorceress Of The New Piano plus The Maverick Piano
cena: 102,00 zł

Margaret Leng Tan, Burgess Meredith, John Cage (48/24 Bit Hi-Definition)

John Cage Vol. 25: The Works For Piano 4; One2 For Three Pianos, Works Of Calder For Prepared Piano (With Original Film Soundtrack), Triple-...
cena: 60,00 zł

Neely Bruce

Neely Bruce: The Plague - Eight Ghosts - The Dream Of The Other Dreamers ­ Music For Voices And Electronics Performed By Electric Phoenix, W...
cena: 60,00 zł

New Music Consort, Theater Chamber Players Of Kennedy Center

Anne Lebaron: Rana, Ritual & Revelations
cena: 60,00 zł

Orkest De Volharding, J. Jaatinen - Cond.

The Minimalists: S. Reich, K. Gann, L. Andriessen, T. Riley, D. Lang, J. Adams
cena: 120,00 zł

P. Schmidt - Narrator, Y. Mikhashoff - Piano

Richard Strauss: The Melodramas / Enoch Arden, The Castle By The Sea
cena: 60,00 zł

Paul A. Epstein, Thomas Albert, James Tenney

Chamber Works By Epstein, Albert And Tenney, Performed By Relache Feat. G. Klucevsek
cena: 60,00 zł